About Punjab National Bank: PNB or Punjab National Bank is India's leading nationalized bank and also provides a wide range of financial services. Founded in May 1894, PNK is currently the second largest bank in India owned by the Indian government, both in terms of network and trading volume.

This bank has more than 180 million customers, more than 13,000 ATMs and his 12,248 branches worldwide. PNB also has various digital marketing solutions to enhance customer experience. Our web-based solution allows you to open your PNB account from the comfort of your home. All this makes PNB the perfect destination for all your banking needs.

Headquarters: PNB was established in May 1894 as a fully-fledged financial entity owned by the Ministry of Finance, Government of India. The head office is located in New Delhi, Delhi, India.

PNB owns multiple banks such as Bharat Bank, Universal Bank of India, United Bank of India, Oriental Bank of Commerce, New Bank of India, Indian Commercial Bank, Nedugadi Bank, etc. Merged with a bank. The Company has two subsidiary companies, both headquartered in New Delhi, India.

Number of employees: 4,444: PNB employs 70,810 people, including 1,722 employees with disabilities. Currently, Shri Atul Kumar Goel is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of his PNB.

Number of Branches and ATMs: PNB has two major subsidiaries: PNB Housing Finance Limited and PNB MetLife India Insurance Company. The company also has a banking subsidiary in the UK, where it has seven branches. It also has branches in Kabul, Dubai, Kowloon and Hong Kong.

PNB's representative offices are located in Almaty, Dubai, Shanghai, Oslo and Sydney. PNB owns 51% of Druk PNB Bank (5 branches) in Bhutan, 20% of Everest Bank (50 branches) in Nepal, and 41.64% of JSC (SB) PNB Bank (4 branches) in Kazakhstan. Owned. The company has a total of 12,248 branches worldwide.

Interest rate: 8.9% to 14.45% per annum

Loan amount: Up to 2 million rupees

Maximum term: 72 months

Processing fee: Up to 1% of loan amount

Upfront fee: Zero

Minimum monthly salary / Annual business income: Loan According to amount requirement